Build your family tree! Preserve your family legacy!

Build your family tree. Preserve your family legacy.

Millions of people have used Family Tree Maker, the #1 selling genealogy software, to discover and share their family stories. Now, with dozens of new features the latest version makes it easier than ever to explore your roots.  You can also check out the program’s features at

The Pueblo de Abiquiu Library now has Family Tree Maker 2010 installed on two computers.  Analinda Dunning will demonstrate how you can use this best selling software to record your own family’s history, August 21 , 2010, 2-4 PM – during the Santa Rosa de Lima Fiesta. Come join us at in celebration of Santa Rosa de Lima Fiesta!

Come and “Make a Splash” with us starting in June through July for the summer reading program here at the library!  This summer’s focus is on how water plays an important role in our communities.


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