News From The Library

Children and parents interested in participating in a book club at the Abiquiu Library should call the librarian, Rachel Reyes. If you’d like to sign up for ESL, classes begin in March. Save the date of March 13, 2011 for the fourth annual Read-a-Thon, 1-6 p.m. at the library. We expect to read the recently-published  book on Rio Arriba history. Used books are available from the book cart at the library. A special fund is being set up to purchase photos of Abiquiu from the 1850s held by an out-of-state university that have never been seen before. And many many thanks for Barbara Manzanarea for her long and dedicated service to the library as a board member.


3 thoughts on “News From The Library

  1. Jan Dooly

    Dear Rachel Reyes,

    The pictures you mentioned that are being held at an out of state university, sound very fascinating. Please tell us how we can donate to help out this project. I don’t know an address to use to donate. Also, please tell us the name of the new book on Rio Arriba history. I have family ties to Abiquiu, and I am very interested.

    Thank you, and Happy New Year!

    Sincerely, Jan Dooly

    1. Rachel Reyes

      Hi Jan,

      Have you received a response from anyone here at the Abiquiu Library regarding the 1/21/11 blog you posted? Our mailing address is:
      PO Box 838
      Abiquiu, NM 87510

      Also, the book you are asking about is titled “Rio Arriba, A new Mexico County” written by Robert J. Torrez & Robert Trapp.

  2. Jan Dooly

    Dear Rachel,
    Thank you for your reply. I just found it and it is already the end of April. Thanks for the info on the book about Rio Arriba County. Dennis and I will be visiting you soon at the Library. On May 6th, I’m taking a tour of the Georgia O’Keefe house and will stop by to see you.
    Jan Dooly

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