March 2011 News!

The Children’s Day/Book Day at the Abiquiu Library will be held on April 25th from 1-6 p.m. The library staff and approximately thirty children will plant vegetables native to NM and read about the state’s vegetation in books obtained through the Libri Foundation. There will be a juggler, music and refreshments.

Also, there’s a call for young artists to participate in “The Genizaro Experience: A Living Legacy.” Youth who have a sense of their genizaro heritage are invited to submit original images depicting this experience in New Mexico from 1693 to the present day. All submissions meeting the deadline will be exhibited on May 10, 2011 in Abiquiu at the panel discussion. April 1, 2011 is the submission deadline for the art work.

The artists’ book from last year’s Read-a-thon/ Draw-a-thon is now at the library. Historic photos taken by Sumner W. Matteson circa 1901 are being ordered from the Milwaukee Public Museum showing the Abiquiu Plaza and various Easter celebrations in the village.

“The Womansong Collection” CD by Gerri Gribi is available at the library for check out. The Libri Foundation has awarded the library $1,000 in books. A thank you to Ani Magai for volunteering once again. Plus a special thank you to the sponsors, readers and artists of the Read-a-Thon in March.

And a special thank you to Nancy Hopkins Reily for sponsoring the match we needed for the Libri Foundation.


Web Site Link for Gerri Gribi & Marguerite Kearns

For those of you who enjoyed the performance by Gerri Gribi (with Marguerite Kearns) at the library on March 6th, you can find more information and free downloads at her web site, And the story of Marguerite’s grandmother (Edna Buckman Kearns) is presented through a blog and web site for those who want more information. Marguerite serves on the library’s board of directors.

“The Genizaro Experience: A Living Legacy”

“The Genízaro Experience -a Living Legacy and Celebration of History” a pubic symposium and reception recognizing the lives and contributions of Genizaro Indians. May 10, 2011 1:00-5:00 Abiquiú, New Mexico at the Joe Ferran Center.

Call for Young Artists

Who: Youth who have a sense of the Genizaro Heritage* and likely have a personal connection to that heritage.What: Original images depicting the Genizaro Experience in New Mexico from 1693 to present day. Where: All submissions meeting the deadline will be exhibited during The Genizaro Experience” panel discussion on May 10, 2011 in Abiquiu, New Mexico.When: Deadline Submission of final art is April 1, 2011, to be postmarked or hand delivered to: Project Coordinator: Cynthia J. Gomez, 3525 Vail Ave SE #B Albuquerque, NM 87106   or Abiquiu, Library and Cultural Center, Abiquiu, New Mexico. Why: The organizers of the “Genizaro Experience” panel discussion are interested in having youth participate by using the 2007 Legislative Memorial recognizing the Contributions of Genizaro Indians to show through artistic expression what the Genizaro Experience was like over the past 300 years and into present time.

One or more submission will be the foundation for the Program Poster, which will be used to announce the May 10th event throughout the communities of Northern and Central New Mexico. Attachments and Link: Release Form (parent signature required for under 18 years old)

This is a collaborative project of New Mexico Humanities Council; NEH “We the People” Project; Abiquiu Library and Cultural Center; Centro Cultural de la Raza Instituto deAnahuac; National Hispanic Cultural Center; Center for Regional Studies and Pipestone Productions.

READ-A-THON THIS WEEKEND and don’t forget math class!

March 13, 2011, 1-6 p.m. Read-a-thon and Draw-a-thon celebrating the history of Rio Arriba County. be a reader or an artist to raise funds for the Abiquiu Library at the library. Call 505 685-4884 for more information.

And don’t forget that every Sunday during March there’s a free math class at the Abiquiu Library entitled “Exploration of Mathematics” for all ages, ten to one hundred, at any level of math knowledge. It’s presented by D. Robert Fant, theoretical mathematician and the Abiquiu Library and recommended for public or home-schooled students to raise grades or prepare for GED or college. Retired people or seniors will find it helpful to maintain brain health. Artists, musicians and those in the construction trades will find it helpful to enhance natural talent and expand career options. Make peace with math. No grades, no fee, no fear. You can’t fail. Every Sunday in March, 3-5 p.m. Phone 505-685-4884 for more information and to sign up. Donations appreciated.

Library Updates

The Pueblo de Abiquiu Library has many exciting ideas for the 2011 year.  We will be having a Read-a-thon event on March 13th, participating in the El Dia de los Libros/Ninos event in April, and the 2011 Summer Reading Program.  We also have available for in-library use the Hooked on Phonics learning tools, and we are offering our youth an opportunity to learn to provide computer/technical support by having “A Career Development Opportunity” day here at the library.

Volunteers are working at making a book club, our library has a new membership to RIF (Reading Is Fundamental), and we are also working hard on applying for grants, such as The Libri Foundation.  The Libri Foundation awards quality children’s books to rural public libraries and has graciously reached out to us for 2011-2012.

There is a 701-title booklist with bookplates that we invite you to come in to our library’s circulation desk to review in order to help us make the selections!  We will need to raise $350 and the foundation will match that at a 2-to-1 ratio.  We will then be able to select $1,050 worth of books which is approximately 70 books!

Please come over to the library and sign up as a reader and/or artist for our March 13th Read-a-thon, and/or sponsor a reader/artist for just $50.