News from our librarian, Rachel Reyes

  • The free math class begins again on May 2nd.  David will be teaching geometry;
  • The Genizaro Legacy event will take place on May 10th;
  • Thank you to all the particpants who spent the afternoon reading “Rio Arriba: A New Mexico County” and making drawings during the March Read-a-thon. We appreciate all the people who helped fund the library through their sponsorship of readers, and we thank the cooks for the delicious treats;
  • We will soon have historic photos taken by Sumner W. Matteson circa 1901 which we are ordering from the Milwaukee Public Museum showing the Abiquiu Plaza and various Easter celebrations in the village;
  • The El Dia de los Ninos/Libros event on April 25th went well.  The library and 17 students from the Abiquiu Head Start and the La Puerta School, as well as 11 adults, planted corn, pumpkin and squash.  We also had face painting and cake and punch as a treat.

Rachel M. Reyes