May Highlights: The Abiquiu Library

Ashley Garcia won the poster contest for The Genizaro Legacy and special thanks are due to Chavela and Justina Trujillo who participated in the ceremonial dances on the day of the program. Chavela’s drawing was displayed on the cake.  There will be a special excursion to the Santa Fe Opera on June 28th. Stay tuned for more information on this blog about the book club and summer reading program. Visitors to the library can browse through an album of photocopies of historic photos by Sumner W. Matteson showing the Abiquiu Plaza and Easter Penitente celebrations circa 1901.  We are accepting donations to be able to purchase good quality display prints.

 A special thanks to the ceremonial dancers from Abiquiu and the Commanche dancers from Rancho de Taos who performed during the Genizaro Legacy program celebrating the 257th birthday of Abiquiu Land Grant and the contributions of Genizaro people throughout New Mexico. Thanks also to filmmaker Cynthia Gomez and library director Isabel Trujillo for their fine work organizing this event and all the volunteers who prepared food and shared stories. Special appreciation is also extended to Convivial Design who filmed the event.


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