“Three Sisters”

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by Sandi Martinez

This year the Summer Reading Program at Pueblo de Abiquiu Library and Cultural Center focused on the theme the “Three Sisters”: corn, beans and squash.  The Iroquois legend states that these are the three inseparable sisters who grow and thrive together.  The tradition of planting these in the same mound is a widespread practice among Native American farming societies.  This is a sophisticated and sustainable system providing long-term soil fertility as well as a healthy diet from generation to generation.

Nutritionally speaking, corn provides carbohydrates; dried beans are rich in protein and balance the lack of amino acids in corn; squash furnishes both vitamins from fruit and healthy savory oil from the seeds.

The librarian, Rachel Reyes, put together a fun and educational project with the young people who joined the summer reading program. They made a scarecrow, among many other fun activities.  As the last days of summer reach the outer edges of fall, Halloween’s just around the corner, and harvesting will be the focal point of many farmers in Northern NM!

The library was a recipient of the Libri Foundation grant.  Come by the library with your children and browse any of the 60 books donated; this will certainly inspire you and yours to keep busy during the cold, winter months!  Thanks to Nancy Hopkins-Riley who donated over three hundred dollars who matched the required amount of the Libri Foundation grant.  Congratulations to the 12 children who averaged reading about 18 books during the eight-week SRP period!  Keep on reading!

Corn on the cob anyone?


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