Reading program at Abiquiu Library

The summer reading program for the Abiquiu Library and Cultural Center started on June 5 and will continue through August 9, 2012. “Dream Big Read” is on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2-4 p.m. Young people will also do arts and crafts and check out books. Call the Library to register: 505-685-4884.


2 thoughts on “Reading program at Abiquiu Library

  1. Priscilla Gutierrez Achatz

    I am a decendant I am a genizaro and I am not alone
    Juan Estevan Trujillo (1739-1816)found in the mission books of the church of Santo Thomas de Abiquiu NM (marriages1756-1826) that states Juan Estevan Trujillo Indian of this pueblo marriage to Juliana Martin (coyota) and resident. Here is my family Margaret Gonzales Gutierrez, Leandro Trujillo Gonzales 1906-1980/ Maria Jesus Trujillo 1876-1959/ Doreteo Trujillo 1823-1884/. Juan Manual Lorenzo Trujillo 1794-1855/ Juan Estevan Trujillo 1735-1781/. Bartolome Trujillo 1699-1766/ Jose Manuel De Trujillo 1668-1733

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