Mosaic Project For the Library

Mosaic Project For the Library

Visitors can now enjoy our new Mountain/Sky Mosaic installed next to the Library’s front door. Sabra Moore designed the mosaic and taught three free workshops during the month of August with children from the summer reading program and many adults from the village to create tiles and paint them with images relating to Abiquiu Pueblo. Participants painted the church, pottery shards, pine cones, mountian lions, fishing, roadrunners, rainbows, cactus, Pedernal, priests, crosses, an horno, hummingbirds, canyons and many other designs and pictures. In addition to painting a fine tile, Iren Schio lettered the name of the Library across the top borders circling the mosaic. Thanks to Abiquiu Children’s Art Fund for their grant to purchase some of the materials, to Sabra Moore for providing additional materials and for donating her skills as artist/instructor for this project and to all the participants whose tiles we can now enjoy for generations to come.

Bless Me Ultima

The independent film, Bless Me Ultima premiered at the Independent Film Festival in Santa Fe on October 18 and will be released to movie theaters on  October 19, 2012. Many children and adults from the Abiquiu area worked as extras in the film and a large part of the movie was shot in Abiquiu Pueblo.

Sugar Skulls


Dia de los Muertos

Friday November 2, 2012

5-7 pm

Bring Hard Halloween Candy

Everyone is welcomed to join.

Donations are Welcomed

Come sign up at the Library


Call to reserve your space





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