March 17th Read-a-thon and Draw-a-thon

March 17th Read-a-thon and Draw-a-thon

Pueblo De Abiquiu Library All-day Celebration 1-6pm

Pueblo DE Abiquiu Library invites you to attend an all-day Read-a-thon and Draw-a-thon celebrating the biography and folk tale of a local weaver on Sunday, March 17th. Shake of the winter chills and drop by the library anytime from 1pm until 6pm to hear or participate in an all-day reading of Eppie E. Archuleta. & The Tale of Juan de la Burra by Ruben E. Archuleta. We are inviting 20 readers to read for fifteen minutes each + 20 artists of any age to draw for the same period. Sponsors fund each reader or artist @ $50 per Participant. The Read-a-thon is a reading race that funds our library.

Do you want to read?  Please call (505)685-4884 to sign up or stop by the library on Abiquiu Plaza for a copy of your fifteen minutes reading text.

Do you want to draw? Artists of any age will work at the library tables during the continuous reading, drawing or making a collage. The Abiquiu Book of our drawings will become part of the library’s permanent collection.

Do you want to help sponsor a reader or an artist? Each reader is sponsored @ $50 for the 15 minutes of reading. This Donation can come from one person or from several people. Your funding supports the operations of the library.

Can you make a matching fund to double the donations?            Information:505-685-4884

March 17th Read-a-thon and Draw-a-thon – Reading Eppie Archuleta & THe Tale of Juan de la Burra


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