Saturday, October 12, 2013

Reminder to join us on
Saturday, October 12th:
Abiqueños Remember Georgia O’Keeffe

Join us at the Parish Hall across the plaza from the Pueblo de Abiquiu Library on Saturday October 12th from 4-6pm for an evening of recollections by Abiqueños who worked for painter Georgia O’Keeffe in their youth. Participants include Helen Lopez, Floyd Trujillo, David Lopez and Josie Trujillo talking with moderator Isabel Lopez. Special thanks to Pita Lopez and the Georgia O’Keeffe Historic House for sharing the film created for the USIA in 1947 Land of Enchantment by Henwar Rodakiewicz and co-sponsoring this event. Enjoy food and displays related to this period of history in the village in Abiquiu and help celebrate the Library launch this oral history project to preserve the memories and stories of local residents.

Donations to this event are appreciated and will help fund the community programming of the Library.


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