March 16th Read-a-thon and Draw-a-thon

Pueblo de Abiquiu Library All-Day Celebration 1-6pm

Pueblo de Abiquiu Library invites you to attend an all-day Read-a-thon and Draw-a-thon exploring the history and stories of the Abiquiu area on Sunday, March 16th. Shake off the winter chills and drop by the library anytime from 1pm until 6pm to hear or participate in an all-day reading of POBLADORES: Hispanic Americans of the Ute frontier by Frances Leon Qunitana. We are inviting 20 readers to read for fifteen minutes each + 20 artists of any age to draw for the same period. Sponsors fund each reader or artist @ $50 per participant.

Do you want to read? Please call (505) 685-4884 to sign up or stop by the library on Abiquiu Plaza for a copy of your fifteen minutes reading text.

Do you want to draw? Artists of any age will work at the library tables during the continuous reading, drawing or making a collage. The Abiquiu Book of our drawings will become part of the library’s permanent collection

Do you want to help sponsor a reader or an artist? Each reader is sponsored @ $50 for the 15 minutes of reading. This donation can come from one person or from several people. Your funding supports the operations of the library.

Can you make a matching fund to double the donations?

 Information: (505) 685-4884 Pueblo de Abiquiu Library

Join us! Sponsor a reader or artist!


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