Fiesta De Santa Rosa De Lima

Santa Rosa de Lima Fiesta Happenings at the Library/ Be sure to visit our Book Sale!

Come by the Library during Fiesta de Santa Rosa de Lima on Saturday August 23rd and learn more about what we found during the Berkeley-Abiquiu Archaeological Project (BACA) Dig Into Abiquiu that took place from June 1st – June 20th. Sixteen teenage students from the Abiquiu area participated alongside the archaeologists and graduate students thanks to a grant from United Way. We will be displaying the students’ accordion-folded artists’ books with images of some of the objects they discovered, such as pottery shards, animal bones, a child’s tooth, old glass, bits of metal and other remnants of everyday activities; they also drew pictures imagining life in this old building a hundred years ago. Although the more ancient ruins remain at a higher area, the excavations showed ceramic evidence in connection to Picuris, Santa Clara, Taos and other places through Tewa and Hopi pottery. Visitors will also get to see the adobe model of this building with our proposed room restoration that children and adults created this summer. We will have a display of some of the photos from the dig and a running video documentation made by Dennis Chavez. Young adults involved in Dig into Abiquiu will learn how to do film editing this fall for a DVD showing the entire project.

We are dreaming of restoring the missing adobe room. You can help!

Help the Library rebuild the missing room on the site of our archaeological dig so we can expand our book collections and create space to house the authentic artifacts that were collected this summer. Archaeologist Jun Sunseri will be studying these artifacts this winter and return them to us with a narrative to interpret their significance. Your donations towards our Adobe Restoration Fund (ARF) will help make this extension a reality.

Computer Classes

We will be offering a six-weeks class session for basic computer skills starting in mid- August. We need six patrons registered in order to hire an instructor; we still have three spots open. The cost for the entire six-weeks session is $50. Please call Tara @ 685-4884 or stop by the Library to sign up if you wish to participate.

Summer Reading Program: Fizz, Boom, Read!

The Summer Reading Program hosted over 35 children who came to the library twice weekly to read and do a variety of projects together. We enjoyed a visit with Smokey the Bear and the fire fighters showed us how their trucks work. The children could peek into the archaeological dig alongside the building. We made three field trips to see the museum and the garden at Ghost Ranch followed by swimming. The children learned about bees and built a pollinator hotel to attract other pollinating insects and they also worked on an adobe model of the library that includes the extension we plan to build. Thank you to all the volunteers who assisted and to the Boys & Girls Club of Abiquiu for collaborative efforts and to so many others who care about summer youth activity. These programs are the time when we actively take responsibility for local youth as a community and show them positive ways.

Early Literacy Program coming this fall

Thanks to funding from United Way, we will have an early literacy program for children ages 2 to 5 with easy-to-check-out Parent/Grandparent backpacks and special every-child-ready-to-read programming during weekday mornings. Come by the library to sign up for this program and get more information.

Book News: We are happy to say we now have Malcom Ebright’s newest book entitled Four Square Leagues.